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Chimney Sweep Novi

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A Dirty Chimney Puts Your Novi Home and Family at Risk

Over time, soot, creosote, and debris accumulate inside your chimney, increasing the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Brown Chimney offers affordable chimney sweep rates and expert services to ensure your home is safe, clean, and comfortable.

Reliable, Affordable, and Top-Quality Chimney Sweeps in Novi

With Brown Chimney cleaning and sweeping, you get the best services for the most affordable price. That’s because we’re not only exceptional at what we do, we’re passionate about helping you maintain and safe and comfortable home. 

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Prevent Chimney Fires

There are nearly 25,000 chimney fires per year in the U.S., damaging homes and causing around 10 deaths per year. Protect your home and family with regular chimney cleanings from Brown Chimney.

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Improve Energy Efficiency

Just one-tenth of an inch of soot can decrease heat output by 50%, so our expert chimney services will save you money by boosting energy efficiency. Plus, you’ll have a cozier home and fireplace.

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Protect Your Health

Our chimney soot removal and professional chimney sweep services prevent carbon monoxide build-up and other pollutants, improving indoor air quality and comfort for your home.

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Prolong Chimney Lifespan

Professional chimney sweep services and inspections can prevent future costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your chimney, especially with Brown Chimney’s top chimney cleanings.

Book the Best Chimney Cleaning in Novi Today!

Forget other chimney sweep companies in Novi. Whether you have a wood-burning, electric, or gas fireplace or pellet stove, Brown Chimney’s advanced cleaning techniques will make every component pristine including the flue, smoke chamber, and chimney liner.
Book your chimney cleaning for an affordable price today!

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