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Chimney Removal Massachusetts

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Damaged, Ugly, or Old Chimney? We’ll Remove It

An old and damaged chimney is a safety hazard, putting your home and family at risk. While our chimney repair services can often restore it to like-new condition, in some cases it’s safer and easier to remove it altogether. Even if it’s not damaged, removing a fireplace and chimney can improve the curb appeal of your home and help you save space.
Choose Brown Chimney for chimney removal and demolition at an affordable price.

Fast, Affordable, and Safe Chimney Stack Removal in Massachusetts

Whether you want to remove the chimney stack, fireplace, or both, Brown Chimney offers the expertise to do so safely and affordably. From our meticulous assessment to cost-effective recommendations and safe demolition, your roof, chimney, and home will be in good hands. 

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Discover the Best Route

Not sure if you need chimney repairs, cleaning, or removal? We’ll assess your chimney’s condition, stability, foundation, and impact on your home’s curb appeal to determine the best, most cost-effective route.

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Boost Curb Appeal

Whether we perform a partial removal, complete demolition, or chimney repair or replacement, we work with your preferences and home aesthetics to improve curb appeal and elevate the value of your home.

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Improve Home Safety

By removing a damaged chimney, you can improve home safety and protect your property from further damage. Our state-of-the-art chimney removal and demolition process ensures safety throughout the process and beyond.

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Restore Your Roof and Home

After removal, we’ll perform structural restoration, patching, finishing, and additional services as needed. That way, your home is left safe, secure, and attractive for years to come.

Remove Your Chimney, Restore Your Peace of Mind

Our team is ready to customize our services to meet your exact specifications, needs, and home aesthetics. Book your appointment today to discover our low cost of removing a chimney and improving home safety, aesthetics, and comfort for you and your family.

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